Top 7 Super Chic Hairstyles For Women With Long Faces To Break Up The Length

Date January 8, 2019 12:01

We all have different face shapes. Knowing which one you have will help you to choose the perfect haircut to suit you best. There are five face shapes: oval, round, square, diamond, and long.


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Ladies who have a long-shaped face, which is when their faces are longer than they are wide, need to be strategic when going to the hairdresser. Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler should be your inspiration.


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In order to make your life a little bit easier, we have collected the top 7 haircuts for a long-shaped face.

What will best suit a long face?

For you, the best choice is medium length. Your haircut should not drag your face down and make it longer. You want to add width instead of length. That’s why you should be careful with long hairstyles and go for bobs and lobs.

1. Structured side-parted lob with curls.


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2. Medium shag with a wispy bang.


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3. Textured bob with a side bang.


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4. Undercut with choppy layers.


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5. Messy and sassy bob with curtain bangs.


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6. Textured bob with a side part.


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7. Pixie cut.


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You can also use makeup to make your face appear a bit shorter.

Makeup tricks for long faces

Use contour products but focus on the hairline, cheekbones, and jawline. Pop some color on the apple of your cheeks as this will visually widen your face. Be bold with your brows and draw them with pencil outward towards the temples with short strokes.


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Draw attention to your eyes with beautiful long lashes and play with eyeshadows. And remember, having a long face is not the end of the world. You possess all the tools to make it work for you.

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