"Husband Of The Year" Takes Wife's Place In Maternity Photoshoot To Cheer Her Up And Surprises Her With Snaps Of His Belly"

Date October 10, 2019 16:22

Kelsey Brewer was upset that bed rest would prevent her from doing a maternity photoshoot, so her husband stepped in to cheer her up.

Jared Brewer decided to take the mum-to-be's place in the photoshoot to celebrate his wife's pregnancy and cheer her up, by posing himself, mimicking various poses and the results are heartwarming.

"Husband of the year"

Photos shared by KM Smither Photography showcase the faux-maternity shoot, featuring Jared adoringly cradling his “pregnant” belly and making “model” faces at Elkhorn Creek Falls in Kentucky.

“Well, we had originally made a joke about it a long time ago saying how funny it would be for Jared to do them instead of Kelsey. That was when we had first found out she was pregnant and had forgotten about it very quickly,” -

- Kiana, the photographer and also Kelsey’s sister and would-be aunt said.

The woman went on to say:

"Then once Kelsey got put on bed rest, he was upset that she was disappointed. He wanted to cheer her up and put a smile on her face."

Talking about the poses especially the one where Jared makes a heart sign on his belly, the photographer said her brother-in-law has always been funny and showed off his flair during the shoot too.

According to Smither, Kelsey was indeed surprised and almost “peed herself laughing so hard” when she saw the photos.

People love the photoshoot!

The hilarious pictures, posted to Facebook have gone massively viral. Many social media users have heaped praise on the dad.

"These pics are Amazing! He did a WONDERFUL thing for his wife!"

- said one person.

"Husband of the year,"

- another hailed him, while a third wrote:

"This is the sweetest story!!"

Jared and Kelsey welcomed their son, Kash, who was born six weeks early and spent time in the hospital NICU. Now at home, they’re planning a fall photoshoot. And this time we hope all of them will be able to pose for their family photos!