Money Issue: How To Talk About Money In Relations

Date November 14, 2018 17:50

During the honeymoon period in relationships, most people don’t talk about anything serious. They just enjoy spending time with each other and have fun. But when this period is over, it is the right time to discuss certain subjects in order to build healthy relations in future.

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One of such topics is money. According to the recent survey from the financial planning platform LearnVest, around 68% of people claim that money always causes tensions in their relations. Nevertheless, the conversation about finances is a must for partners who want to be together for many years. Some people even end up sharing a bank account, even though there are a lot of other variants for a family budget.

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The 2016 TD Bank survey showed an interesting trend: the more often couples discuss finances, the happier they are. Knowing your partner’s situation with money can increase trust in relations.

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The money therapist Kristin Sutton, the founder of the site Debt Free Black Girl, gave some tips for the conversation about money in relations.

For example, if you are planning to live together, it might be a good idea to ask whether your partner pays bills on time or has any major account savings.

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If you are just dating, don’t be afraid to ask how much money your partner makes.

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Kristin shared some of the important questions to ask:

Do you prefer to save or live in the moment? What’s the dumbest financial blunder you’ve made? What's one thing you’ll always be willing to spend cash on?

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Answers to these questions will help you know about your partner more. In this way, it will be easier to avoid certain problems connected with finances in future, as it is necessary to know how to deal with them in relations.

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