Man Claims A Vegan Diet Helped Cure His Stage 4 Cancer

Date August 13, 2018

It’s so great to read about the real-life stories of people who managed to defeat cancer. Some of these stories are nothing but true miracles. One man diagnosed with the fourth stage of cancer claimed a vegan diet helped him defeat the disease. Can you imagine this?

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Unexpected cure

Rob Mooberry was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer in 2012. Like for every other person, his diagnosis became a real shock for Rob and his family.

Mooberry underwent surgery, chemo, and radiotherapy on his way to recovery. Doctors warned Rob that he could require several more surgeries in the future and still, his chances for complete recovery were unsure.


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In November 2012, Rob and his wife, Amanda, started a plant-based diet together. Amanda was a vegetarian before, but Rob didn’t follow any strict diets until that moment.

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When Rob had his next scan a couple of months later, at the beginning of 2013, he was more than surprised to find out his tumor had decreased by almost 80% in size. The man couldn’t believe his luck. Actually, nobody could.

Five years later, Mooberry is still cancer-free. He and his wife welcomed two adorable twins. Rob said he believes his vegan diet helped him recover.

If you’re going to ask me what worked for me, I’ll tell you: the diet.


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We are so happy for Rob and his family. Stories like this one make us believe that true miracles exist.


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Does a vegan diet help cure cancer?

What happened to Rob (his sudden recovery) is a true blessing, but does a vegan diet indeed help defeat cancer?

A study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham suggests that a plant-based diet can have its certain benefits in treating cancer.

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Researchers found that vegan food could transform lethal breast cancer into a treatable form. But! The significance of this research relates mostly to more aggressive forms of breast cancer.

Unfortunately, there are few options for women who develop ER-negative breast cancer.

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The study shows that certain compounds in our everyday diet could be used to turn a negative form of cancer into positive. However, this data is based on animal testing, and there are no vivid proofs of its effectiveness on humans.

What’s it all about? Of course, a healthy diet is essential for a person. But we really doubt that eating vegetables only can cure cancer. Remember, that regular checking and healthy way of life are the best options to prevent the disease or, at least, discover it at an early stage.

Your health is in your own hands!

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