After 4 Years Of Being A Vegan, Woman Posted Her 3-Week Transformation Since She Quitted A Plant Diet

Date September 5, 2018

This woman had been following a vegan diet for years until she changed her ration and ‘magically’ lost weight and got better skin. It may sound like a rumor, but after a Dutch girl posted her before-after photos on social media, they went viral.

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Woman shares her before-after experience of being a vegan

Is it really so healthy to be a vegan as most people think? Well, the benefits of a plant diet speak for themselves.

People who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables have a better skin, lower risk of heart diseases, and lower cholesterol level, according to the experts.

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But some of you can say that your co-workers eat burgers and fries every day for lunch, and still look healthier than you. How come?

Meet Kristel, a Dutch blogger who used to be a vegan for almost 4 years. After the young woman posted two photos of herself before and after quitting a plant diet, she had no idea her post would generate such vivid discussions among people.

Kristel wrote that after 3 weeks into eating mainly high-quality animal foods, her skin improved and her face became less puffy. She added:

But the best of all, I don't feel like dying anymore.

People’s comments

Of course, Kristel received a lot of negative comments from people who follow a vegan diet. Most of them reproved the young lady in betraying her principles. But there were those who supported Kristel in her decision.

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It’s hard to say for sure whether these changes in Kristel’s appearance indeed resulted in quitting a vegan diet. To know exactly, she needs to consult specialists. But please, do not judge this young woman too strictly. It’s just her choice!

We all have the right to decide whether to be vegans or not. Let’s respect each other’s choice!

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