What Causes Stretch Marks On Your Body And How To Restore Your Beautiful Skin?

Date May 10, 2018 12:38

Are you tired of stretch marks on your body and want to know how to get rid of them? Or maybe you aren’t sure whether it’s okay or not to have those lines? Here’s what experts have to say regarding the topic.

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What are strech marks and what causes them?

The grooves or lines on your skin, which are called stretch marks, are totally harmless for your health, but they are often considered as something unattractive. Such marks typically occur when the body grows very fast for any reason, and the skin cannot keep up with the growth. Basically, the skin stretches not fast enough. However, there might be another reason – hormonal changes.

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Here are particular reasons how you may get stretch marks:

  • quick weight gain;
  • pregnancy;
  • any implant surgery;
  • bodybuilding;
  • Marfan syndrome;
  • Cushing’s syndrome or high amounts of steroids.


How to get rid of them?

There are products and treatments that can help hide or even fade the unpleasant marks. Just so you know, these stretch marks aren’t going to disappear completely, according to specialists. However, with the new technologies, they can become almost unnoticeable.

1. Fractional CO2 laser therapy is a new form of treatment for stretch marks that smoothes out the old lines but doesn’t help with the prevention of the new ones.

2. Pulsed dye laser therapy is another laser technology which can help with the newly occurred red stretch marks. It calms down blood vessels to prevent the development of the marks.

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3. Creams with tretinoin that contain retinoid can help you erase the newer marks but can make your skin irritated and red. Those creams also don’t help with the old stretch marks.

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4. Cosmetic surgery is also a way of getting rid of stretch marks, but it is often very painful, expensive, and leaves scars. Not the best way, is it?

5. Cocoa butter, bitter almond oil, olive oil, collagen boosters, and other products didn’t show great results in getting rid of stretch marks. However, they may make your skin more elastic, thus preventing the occurrence of the lines.

You can also try making your own mixture at home

You will need only these two ingredients:

  • aloe vera;
  • coconut oil.

Nevertheless, we hate to tell you this, but even some of the sexiest bodies have stretch marks. It’s time to break the stereotype that those lines make women less beautiful because it is simply not true!

Girls, you are beautiful, and your lines make your body special!

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