How Much Does Your Boss Earn? Top 20 Companies With The Worst Salary Gap Between CEOs And Employees

Date June 15, 2018

Have you ever wondered how much your boss earns? Have you ever thought of the difference between your salaries? Now, it is time to uncover all the secrets. Even though the law-changing disclosing rule was implemented a few years ago, the money ratio has been finally collected only now.

Law-changing amendment

Back in 2015, the Securities and Exchange Commission finalized the long-awaited rule, making the businesses reveal their pay ration to shed light on one of the biggest American debate issues of the recent time. Even though there was a little knowledge about the average salary ratio, it was usually highly generalized.

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Around half a century ago, an average CEO earned $20 for every $1 their employee received. In 2015, before the rule was implemented, this ratio increased to more than $300 for every $1. Do you think those are huge amounts? Behold: Here are the recent results from the top companies and the salaries they offer to their CEOs and average workers.

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Huge difference

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations have finally revealed the top worst companies that have the biggest gap between an average worker’s and a CEO’s salaries. The results are shocking. Not only did the 1970 ratio increased by almost 200 times in some cases, but the sum some executives earn is simply unbelievable.

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These numbers just can’t leave anybody indifferent. The average employee salary of the worst ten ratios is just $7,828, whereas their CEOs receive $15.9 million with the highest at $31.3 million. In the chart below, you can notice some of the most prominent companies on the top positions.

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Concerned workers

Your boss will never tell you truthfully about the monthly payment. Actually, nobody is willing to reveal their salaries regardless of how much they earn.

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The difference may sometimes be overwhelming, but everybody still keeps silent. However, with the revealed information, the poorly paid employees may become more concerned about the enormous gap in comparison to their bosses’ incomes.

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