104-Year-Old David Goodall Decided To Disburden His Soul From The Aged Body With The Help Of Assisted Suicide

Date May 7, 2018

104-year-old David Goodall decided to end his life through the assisted dying. The senior scientist is not terminally ill and doesn’t suffer from any drastic condition. The botanist simply claimed to lose the spark to live.

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Long long life

The life of an old scientist was rich and mostly devoted to his work. Even though his official employment ended in 1979, he continued taking part in various studies involved in his field until the recent times.


His most impactful work and biggest achievement was a 30-volume book entitled Ecosystems of the World. The study was chosen a Member of the Order of Australia for his scientific influence.BBHH HHBB / YouTube

David continued working on campus after he turned 100 but was forced to move from the office following the inability to commute and general concerns about his safety.

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Apart from that, Mr. Goodall was an active member of theatre performances that he had to end because of his senior age.


Suicide will

The last accident that pushed him towards suicidal thoughts happened in early April when he couldn’t be found for two days due to the serious fall in his apartment.


Australian legislation doesn’t forbid to end your life with assisted dying, but this only may happen in one particular state and only in case you are terminally ill. David received a refusal from The Australian Medical Association explained by the lack of ethics in the particular experience:

Doctors are not trained to kill people. It is deep within our ethics, deep within our training that that's not appropriate.


Dr. Goodall then addressed the Swiss doctors that satisfied his desire to leave this world through assisted dying. The representative from assisted dying advocacy group Exit International took David from Australia to France to say goodbye to his relatives and proceed to Switzerland for the operation itself:

He's not depressed or miserable, but there's just not that little spark that was there a couple of years ago.

Euthanasia vs assisted dying

Unlike euthanasia, assisted suicide doesn’t involve third-party influence. In this case, the patient consciously announces his will to end the life and is provided with the means to complete the will.Yeexin Richelle /

Euthanasia is applied mostly to end the sufferings of a terminally ill patient and is decided either by the relatives or a doctor if no other options are possible.

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Very few countries offer assisted suicide service legally, and only Switzerland accepts foreign patients. Moreover, similarly to Goodall’s case, they send a representative to ensure the person acts unselfishly.

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Well, the decision is perhaps justified and thought over. We hope David’s relatives will be there for him until the final parting and will stay brave enough to endure the loss of their beloved grandpa.

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