Over 50 And Fit: Keeping Immunity High Can Be Achieved All Year Round

Date May 4, 2018

Although the human body has a defense system that fights off diseases, sometimes the system fails. When immunity breaks down, people fall sick and need medical attention. Doctors usually prescribe medication to help fight the illness and also boost the body’s immunity.

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But getting sick is a natural thing. Even the everyday pressures of life can make people susceptible to common diseases. Still, the human body learns over time how to fight disease and, in some cases, develop a greater resistance.

People over 50 can boost their immunity with these tips

Immune system gradually weakens as people grow older, no thanks to stress, diet, radiation, and diseases associated with aging. The thymus, which is an organ that produces white blood cells that fight disease, shrinks continuously as we grow older. Consequently, the body finds it harder to handle diseases. However, there are ways to keep immunity strong even at this stage in life.

For starters, it is important to maintain healthy eating habits. Well-balanced diets provide the body with all it requires to function properly. Fruits and vegetables work wonders as they are full of essential vitamins and antioxidants. Also, make sure to include lean proteins and whole grains in your diet as they provide energy.

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It is important to always stay hydrated, especially during cold periods and on trips. Dehydration enhances the spread of disease as mucous membranes dry up. Herbal teas, fruit juices, and healthy soups are also good sources of hydration.

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In cases where deficiencies are identified, dietary supplements can be beneficial. Vitamin C, echinacea, ginseng, zinc, and probiotics are popular supplements that help fight illness and are recommended by many healthcare providers.

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Sleep is perhaps the most important tip to boosting immunity. When the body is at rest, the immune system is the most active as less energy is expended. Good sleep can greatly reduce the duration of disease symptoms. Seven to eight hours is recommended for people over 50.

There are immunizations recommended for older people that are very important. Tetanus shots need to be taken every 10 years. In addition, Pneumovax eliminates the chances of contracting pneumonia or its complications. A qualified healthcare provider should be in a good position to recommend other vaccinations.

Immunity changes with the seasons

According to Prof. John Todd from Cambridge University in the UK, there is ample proof that the seasons affect immunity and risk of contracting some diseases.

In the UK, we see a rise in new cases of type-1 diabetes in January, February and March, for example.  Our results suggest that part of the reason for this is heightened inflammation and that gene activity is involved.

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His conclusion came after studies conducted by an international team of researchers who took samples from 16,000 people from all over the world.

Have you identified any diseases that are dominant during any of the seasons? Help yourself and your family by imbibing these tips to boost your immunity and stay healthy all year round.

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