She Was Once Too Obese To Fit In An Airplane Seat. How 23-Year-Old Woman Managed To Lose 210 Pounds In 10 Months

Date August 2, 2018 11:59

Izzie East decided it was time to transform her body when her obesity was starting to make things very difficult. Despite the challenges she experienced, she has managed to achieve something incredible.

A dependence on junk food

In an interview with UK Mirror, Izzie revealed that she has always watched what she ate growing up. Her mother ingrained the habit of healthy eating in her. However, when she went to college and was able to buy whatever she wanted, she began to indulge in some unhealthy foods.

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She said:

I would buy whatever food I wanted such as flapjacks or chocolate

She met her fiance Nath in 2012, and together they would often order takeaway pizza every night. Even as her weight increased, she did not worry about it too much as being in a relationship made her pretty secure.

She continued to gain weight, then in October 2016, a couple of things happened that led her to rethink her lifestyle and eating habits. She took a trip to Majorca and realized that she could barely fit into the seat on the plane.

Then, her doctors explained that she had a fatty liver and if she would continue gaining weight, she could end up needing a liver transplant.

Time to make a change

After Nath proposed to her, she became determined to make a change. She vowed she would lose weight before her wedding day. In January 2017, her weight loss journey began in earnest and by November, she had lost up to 210 pounds.

She told the UK Mirror that the toughest part for her was having to quit junk food and go for healthier meals. But despite all of that, she stuck with it and has come so far that she can now wear bikinis confidently.

I work out five times a week and make sure I reach 10,000 steps every day, whereas before I hardly reached 3,000 steps and I never worked out at all.

Izzie said she felt amazing since losing all the extra weight.

This tough young lady has now become an inspiration to many people via her social media page. She continues to promote a healthy lifestyle by sharing posts of what she eats and how she exercises.