One-In-A-Million Case: Young Woman Is Allergic To Daylight Because Of The Rare And Extreme Skin Disorder

Date April 25, 2018 17:38

Most people enjoy the sun and the daylight. But for some, it has a very dangerous side.

Lizzie Tenney, from Utah, is allergic to sunlight due to an extremely rare condition – xeroderma pigmentosum. There are only 3 hundred diagnosed cases in the United States, so the 22-year-old is one in a million with this skin disorder.

How does it manifest?

This inherited condition hinders the person's skin DNA repair once exposed to ultraviolet (UV). It may even lead to skin cancer, impaired vision, and neurological problems. In Tenney’s case, she's already had 43 skin cancer surgeries!

The woman has to use a meter to measure the level of UV rays. When the level is just 10-20, she can go out. But just to let you know, on a cloudy day, the UV level can reach 300-400!

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If Lizzie is in the sun for more than a few minutes, she will get burned, which leads to skin cancer. So, the 22-year-old is active at night.

If she wants to go out during the day, she has to cover herself in suncream and wear protective gear, including gloves and a special hat. As Lizzie says:

I have protection film on my house windows and in my car windows and if I need to go somewhere in my friend’s car I can take my plastic with me.

Unfortunately, she was diagnosed only at 12 because doctors often don’t know about this rare disease. Her little niece also has the condition. But thanks to Lizzie’s experience, the 7-year-old was diagnosed early enough not to develop skin cancer.

In California, there’s another child who is allergic to sun. Oliver Kei has to gear up in UV-shielding material and wear gloves. If he doesn’t do it, he quickly develops excessive freckling.

Still, the condition doesn’t stop the 7-year-old from being a happy-go-lucky child.

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