Dangers Of Scleral Tattooing: Young Canadian Woman Nearly Lost An Eye After The Procedure Went Wrong

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July 31, 2018 14:25 By Fabiosa

Have you heard the expression “Beauty demands sacrifices”? Well, many people aren’t satisfied with their original looks. They are willing to go to great lengths to “enhance” what nature gave them. And there’s one procedure that would make most people cringe; it’s called scleral tattooing.

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The procedure involves injecting a dye under the conjunctiva to give the whites of the eyes a different color. Just the sound of it is enough to conclude that it can be quite risky. One Canadian model found out the hard way just how dangerous this procedure can be.

Catt Gallinger, a model from Canada, has always been fond of body modifications. She had already had more than two dozen tattoos all over her body and underwent another risky procedure, tongue splitting, before venturing to dye her eyes – it just seemed like a natural thing to do.

The young woman is lucky she didn’t have it done on both eyes. Her then-boyfriend – the person who did the procedure – didn’t use sterile equipment and made several other mistakes.

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Catt soon developed symptoms of eye infection and had to undergo treatment with antibiotics, steroids, and several surgeries to save her eye. Although the young woman didn’t lose her eye, her doctors told her she would never regain normal vision in her right eye.

The whole experience was so traumatizing that Catt developed severe depression. At one point, she even considered killing herself.

Several months after the horrifying experience, Catt is doing better. She continues to model, and she has also taken steps to raise awareness about the dangers of scleral tattooing.

Do you know about other cases of body modifications gone wrong? Share them in the comments to warn others!

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