6 Reasons Why Sleeping In The Nude Is A Good Idea

Date May 3, 2018 17:06

Sleeping naked or in underwear, pajamas, or a nightgown is a matter of personal preference. But did you know that going to bed wearing nothing has a few benefits for your sleep and health in general? Not only does sleeping naked feel good, but it also promotes better sleep, reduces your risk of yeast and bacterial vaginal infections, and even helps you burn calories, among other things.

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So, here's why going to bed au naturel is good for your body and mind:

1. It helps you fall asleep faster

Are you wondering how? If you sleep under the blanket, like most people do, removing your clothes before going to bed will help your body regulate its temperature faster. By taking off your clothes, you release trapped heat, and your body needs less time to reach the comfortable temperature for you to fall asleep.

2. It promotes better sleep

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night feeling uncomfortably hot? As we mentioned above, sleeping naked can help your body maintain normal temperature during sleep, so going to bed in the nude makes you less likely to wake up because of the discomfort.

3. It allows your skin to breathe

Sleeping in the nude exposes your skin to more air, even if you are under the blanket. It also helps you sweat less and prevent wrinkling. If you sleep without any clothes pressing on your skin, it will look smoother and younger.

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4. It may help burn calories

When you sleep naked, your body works a little harder to maintain its temperature than it does when you sleep in clothes. It means your body expends more calories to keep you warm. This is a good reason to keep your bedroom a little cooler, too.

5. It benefits your reproductive organs

As you probably know by now, bacteria and yeasts enjoy warm and moist environment. Your underwear (or other clothes you sleep in) locks in heat and moisture, giving the yeasts and bacteria a perfect breeding ground. Sleeping in your clothes may not directly cause a bacterial (or yeast) vaginal infection, but if you are prone to this type of infections, try sleeping naked.

6. It boosts your mood and self-image

If you sleep naked, especially next to your partner, the production of oxytocin (so-called "love hormone") and happiness hormones increases. And that reflects on your mood, confidence, and, subsequently, on your relationship with your intimate partner.

Keep this in mind: To enjoy the comfort of sleeping naked, shower before going to bed and change your sheets twice weekly to wake up feeling fresh and clean in the morning.

Source: Fitness Magazine, CureJoy, Step To Health

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