Mom Has To Bathe Her 1-Year-Old In Bleach To Keep His Dangerous And Rare Skin Condition At Bay

Date June 27, 2018

Can you imagine having to bathe your baby in bleach? Why would anyone do that, anyway? But that’s what one young mother from Washington has to do for her baby son to keep his rare skin condition under control and ease his suffering.

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One-year-old Jamison was born with an extremely rare skin disease called Harlequin-type ichthyosis. Babies affected by the condition are born with plate-like scales of thickened skin covering their whole body. The disease puts babies at a very high risk of skin infections, and may also lead to difficulty breathing and eating.

Jamison’s birth and survival is a miracle. His mother, Alicia, was pregnant with twins, but one of them died in the womb. Jamison survived, and Alicia delivered him through an emergency Caesarean section, as vaginal delivery was too risky both for the mother and the baby. After the boy was born, doctors said he had a slim chance of survival.

One year later, little Jamison is still here, and he is as happy as he can be. His mother loves him and provides round-the-clock care he needs, and he also has a dad and two older brothers who love him dearly.

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To keep her son’s skin condition at bay, Alicia bathes him twice every day. Each bath takes 45 minutes, and the mom has to rub Jamison with a sandpaper rag so that the thickened skin comes off. In addition to that, the boy has to endure two 15-minute Clorox bleach baths every week, as his doctors prescribed them to prevent infections. The procedure is extremely painful, so he is on morphine when taking these baths.

Alicia has heard a number of insensitive comments about her baby. One ignorant stranger assumed Jamison is sunburned and criticized his parents for that. Another individual said the baby looks “creepy.

Alicia and her partner, Kolton, aren’t going to give up. They want others to know about the rare condition which affects their baby and about 100 other people in the U.S. The couple created a GoFundMe page to attend a conference dedicated specifically to Harlequin ichthyosis.

You can make a contribution here.

Source: Mirror Online, National Organization for Rare Disorders

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