Mom Makes A Desperate Plea After Her Baby Son Died In A Car Crash Because He Wasn't Secured In His Seat

Date June 26, 2018

Child car seats seem quite simple to use, yet so many people are getting them wrong. If a child car seat is not installed properly, or if harnesses aren’t fastened right, it can lead to a tragic outcome if a car accident happens.

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Holly Wagner, a young mother from Louisiana, learned this lesson the hard way when her infant son, Cameron, died after a car crash. The boy could have survived if he had been buckled in the right way and if his seat had been facing backwards. His mom was devastated, and she took it upon herself to educate other parents about child passenger safety.

On April 27th, 2013, just a few days before Cameron’s first birthday, Holly received a phone call from the police. Her baby boy was riding in a car with his older brother, Connor, and they got into a car accident. Connor, who was 3 years old at the time, had a broken arm and a few other injuries that were not life-threatening.

Cameron’s condition was far worse. During the collision, the little boy was ejected from the car. His seat had been facing forwards and he hadn’t been buckled in properly; only his chest buckle was fastened.

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Doctors fought to save Cameron’s life for two weeks, but his injuries were incompatible with life. After half a month in intensive care, Cameron was taken off life support.

After her baby son’s tragic death, Holly was overcome with grief. If Cameron had been in a rear-facing seat, held tightly by properly fitting and fastened harnesses, he would have stayed alive.

After the tragic accident, Holly started a campaign to spread awareness about proper use of child car seats and other aspects of child passenger safety.

To learn more about using child car seats right, read the instructions that come with the seat carefully. Also, check out the CDC guidelines on their use.

Please, keep your children safe!

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