Mom Of A 3-Year-Old With A Debilitating Condition Found A Mean Note On Her Car And Wrote An Epic Response On Facebook

Date August 22, 2018

Most parking lots have spaces for people with disabilities. Unfortunately, many healthy individuals use them for their convenience, so people with invisible disabilities often get dirty looks if they try to use spaces they are actually entitled to. Sometimes, they even have to endure abuse.

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Emma Doherty’s story

Emma Doherty, a mom from Wigan, parked in a disabled spot near Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool. When she returned to her car with her 3-year-old son Bobby, she found a mean note stuck to her windshield. Part of the note read:

You did not have a disabled person with you! These spaces are reserved for people who need them!!!

The person who penned this note didn’t see a wheelchair, so he or she assumed that neither Emma nor her son was disabled.

Little did this person know that Bobby was born with a serious defect affecting his heart and has already had 15 surgeries to save his life.

The note left Bobby’s mom upset and angry. She wrote a post about her experience, hoping the person who wrote the note would see it and feel a pang of conscience.

The post went viral in a matter of hours! It has already been shared more than 31,000 times and Emma received plenty of supportive comments. Here are some of them:

We don’t know whether this post reached the person who wrote the abusive note. But if it did, we hope that man or woman learned a lesson and will never do something like this again.

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Disabilities aren’t always visible

Parking spaces for disabled people are usually marked with a sign that shows a person in a wheelchair. But, actually, many people in need of these parking spaces have debilitating conditions but can walk. Unfortunately, these people are often judged by others when they park in accessible spots, as their disabilities aren’t visible.

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Some common invisible but seriously limiting conditions include heart conditions, muscular disorders, neurological disorders, and seizure disorders, to name a few.

Very often, people with invisible disabilities refrain from parking in disabled spots as they are afraid of being judged. They park in distant spots, which if often very uncomfortable for them but puts those around them at ease.

This is one of the reasons why people should hold back their judgments when they see someone who looks healthy park in a disabled spot. You can never be sure unless you know that individual personally!

For more information about the issue, visit the website of the Invisible Disability Association.

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