Hair Clips Are A Choking Hazard! New Zealand Mom Warns Other Parents After Her Baby Daughter Nearly Choked

Date July 11, 2018

Bad things can happen to children even under the watchful eye of their parents, in the comfort of their own homes. Everyday objects that adults wouldn’t suspect to be harmful can become a hazard if a very young child is using them. One of the many items on the list of these potentially dangerous objects is a hair clip. If it ends up in a child’s mouth, he or she can easily choke on it. /

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Charli’s story

Rebecca Fitzgerald, a young mom from New Zealand, almost lost her 1-year-old daughter, Charli, when she accidentally choked on a hair clip. The mother shared her terrifying experience to warn other parents.

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Rebecca was excited when Charli’s hair grew long enough to be tied into a pigtail, which the mom happily did. She fastened her daughter’s hair with a hair clip.

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When the time for an afternoon nap came, Rebecca put her daughter into a crib. Shortly after that, the mom saw on a baby monitor that Charli woke up and made a little noise. Then, the girl abruptly became quiet, and her mother realized something was wrong.

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Rebecca ran up to her daughter to find her barely gasping for air, choking on the hair clip. The woman couldn’t get the clip out, so she promptly called 911. The ambulance arrived very fast, and the EMTs were finally able to get the hair clip out using a suction device on the way to the hospital.

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Fortunately, Charli is OK now. Her mother hopes other parents can learn from her story and never let their small children sleep with hair clips on.

Why young children are prone to choking, and how to help a choking baby

Babies and toddlers are susceptible to choking for several reasons. Firstly, their airways are narrow, and an object can easily get stuck there. Secondly, they can’t cough as forcefully as adults can, which is why they can’t get the object out on their own.

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Also, children of this age are very curious, and they often put different things into their mouths. In addition to that, they may not be able to chew food thoroughly, and it may sometimes lodge in their airways.

If you realize a baby is choking, it’s important to act fast. The video below shows how to help a choking baby:

If an older child is choking, the British Red Cross recommends doing this:

Stay safe!

Source: Mayo Clinic, CafeMom

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