12-Year-Old Girl Dies After Breathing In Too Much Deodorant She Used As If ''It Was Going Out Of Fashion''

Date June 7, 2018

Aerosol sprays have a place in almost everyone’s home. It’s difficult to imagine our lives without insect repellents, hair sprays, air fresheners, and deodorants. But all of these things aren’t completely safe, even if you use them as directed. Using aerosols in excessive amounts in ways they aren’t supposed to be used can lead to catastrophic consequences. One family from Great Manchester now knows it all too well, after they lost their 12-year-old daughter in July 2016 after she inhaled deodorant spray.

Paige’s tragic death

Two years ago, the Daughtry family went on a much-anticipated summer vacation. They stayed at the Cala Gran holiday park in Fleetwood, Lancashire. Ann and Stuart Daughtry and their two daughters, Paige and Catherine, were having a great time. What happened next is any parent’s worst nightmare. The family was outside, and Ann called for her daughter Paige, but she didn’t answer. The mother became concerned and went to the caravan they were renting. Paige was lying there on the bed, and she was unresponsive. The girl was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead two hours later.

The family was devastated. Paige was a happy and healthy girl, what ended her life so abruptly? The coroner determined the cause of death was inhalation of butane and isobutane, substances found in the girl’s deodorant spray.

According to Paige’s mother, the girl was so obsessed with her personal hygiene she used the deodorant as if "it was going out of fashion." The 12-year-old had been using the spray excessively for quite some time, but the coroner stated there was "no evidence of chronic use." Direct inhalation of the spray may have led to a disruption in the girl’s heart rhythm, and she died.

After Paige’s untimely death, her family released a statement:

Paige was a bright and talented girl who still had her whole life ahead of her, she dreamed one day to do something with her singing or art.

Paige is sadly missed by friends and family. We are all still in shock and grieving for a loving, loyal friend, daughter, sister and granddaughter.

What happens if you breathe in aerosol sprays?

Long-term effects of accidentally breathing in small amounts of aerosol sprays aren’t exactly known. Some people inhale sprays because of their psychoactive effect. When someone breathes in a spray, their brain becomes temporarily deprived of oxygen. That can lead to dizziness, lightheadedness, and even euphoria and hallucinations.

George Rudy /

Short-term effects of breathing in aerosols include the following:

  • drowsiness;
  • headache;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • confusion.

In extreme cases, intentional inhalation of aerosols can lead to suffocation.

Muscle spasms, tremors, difficulty walking and talking, and trouble thinking clearly and remembering things are long-term effects of aerosol inhalation seen in abusers.

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