Beware Of Acrylic Nails! Model Almost Lost Her Thumb When It Became Infected After A Manicure

Date July 20, 2018

Welsh woman nearly lost her thumb after a manicure went wrong

Getting your nails done can be enormously satisfying, and the pleasure of looking at them for a couple of weeks afterwards can certainly lift your mood. But sometimes, this common beauty procedure can go horribly wrong and put your health in danger.

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One young Welsh woman named Lowrianne Wilson almost lost her thumb after getting a manicure at a salon. She took to Facebook to share her ordealWarning: the pictures can be shocking for sensitive audience. The woman wants to warn others about the dangers of artificial nails.

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Lowrianne is a model, and perfect nails are an indispensable part of her image. The woman went to a salon to get acrylic nails. Lowrianne had her nails done countless times before that visit to a salon, but she never thought the procedure could cause so much harm.

The woman’s thumb became infected. An abscess grew under her nail, and it was so bad that she had to have a surgery. The abscess and her whole nail were removed.

Lowrianne told RSVP Live that she would have to go to her doctor every two weeks to make sure her thumb heals properly and doesn’t get infected again. She also said she would have to undergo another surgery in six months.

The model also said she wouldn’t get artificial nails again:

No, I wouldn’t have them done again. I never knew something like this could ever happen as I've never heard of this happening before.

But at least now I can warn others.

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How to avoid infection when getting artificial nails

After reading Lowrianne's story, you may want to give up artificial nails altogether. But if you insist on getting them done, the Mayo Clinic has a few recommendations for you to keep in mind:

  • have your nails done only at licensed salons;
  • make sure only sterilized tools and quality materials are used in the process;
  • make sure your nail technician washes hands before starting;
  • ask for a new nail file, or bring your own one and ask the nail technician to use it;
  • go back to the salon every 2 or 3 weeks for maintenance.

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If your nails are weak and prone to splitting, you may want to refrain from getting artificial nails altogether.

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