"They Butchered Me": 44-Year-Old Woman Was Fitted With Implants Without Her Consent After Preventive Mastectomy

Date June 20, 2018

You trust your doctor with the most precious things: your life and health. That’s especially true when you lie on the operating table, completely at your surgeon’s mercy. Sadly, sometimes, we find that this trust has been misplaced.

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Donna Finegan-White, a 44-year-old mother of two from Swindon, Wiltshire, knew she was at a high risk of getting breast cancer. Her mother and aunt both had the disease, so Donna opted for double mastectomy in order to avoid it.

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In 2014, the woman underwent the operation at The Great Western Hospital in Swindon. Much to her surprise, Donna woke up with breast implants. But here’s the thing: She never agreed to have the implants fitted. What’s more, they were bigger than her own breasts she had chosen to remove.

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What the woman wanted instead of implants were temporary expanders (they stretch the skin and chest muscle). Donna told Daily Mail Online:

I hadn't seen an implant in my life, let alone wanting one put in my body.

In a consultation, they asked me about re-construction surgery and I said I'd have to think about it.

I was a 32A, so I didn't mind being flat chested, it's not like I was going to miss anything. So I only signed to have my breasts removed.

They cut corners to save themselves time and money by doing it without consent.

They butchered me back in 2014.

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After getting the unwanted implants, Donna struggled with breast pain and swelling. In 2016, she finally had the implants removed at a different hospital.

But the poor woman’s ordeal didn’t end there. After the removal, Donna developed a life-threatening blood clot and was rushed back to the hospital.

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What happened about two years after that sounds more like a nightmare than reality. Donna did receive a £10,000 compensation from The Great Western Hospital, but after that, she learned she had two inoperable tumors in her trachea. Her doctors’ prognosis is grim: The woman is expected to live just two more years.

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Donna says her doctors didn’t spot the cancer in her scans back in 2014. She said:

They came over to my bedside when I was in hospital and they said, 'Sorry, Donna, we've looked back at your CT scans from 2014 and we didn't spot your tumors'.

My friend was sat next to me when they told me, so I've got a witness to prove it.

Donna is taking legal action against the hospital again. The extent of the negligence is just unbelievable. We hope Donna finds peace and comfort.

Source: Daily Mail Online

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