Dramatic Body Cam Video Shows Two Ohio Police Officers Saving A Two-Month-Old Baby Girl From Choking To Death

Date August 23, 2018

Two Ohio police officers saved a choking baby

Ryan Sidders and Alex Oklander, police officers in Shaker Heights, Ohio, were on their way to back up their colleague, when the call was cancelled. Suddenly, they saw a car with hazard lights on. They pulled up behind it and saw the female driver was visibly shaken.

The woman, named Tamica Pruitte, got out of her car and ran to the passenger rear door. The officers realized her baby wasn’t breathing.

Fox 8 News Cleveland / YouTube

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Fortunately, Officer Sidders and Officer Oklander were prepared for this kind of situations. Calmly and confidently, they took the baby girl and administered back blows.

Fox 8 News Cleveland / YouTube

Much to everyone’s relief, they managed to clear the girl’s airway. Two-month-old Tyra started breathing.

Fox 8 News Cleveland / YouTube

After the ordeal was over, Tamica expressed her heartfelt thanks to the officers who saver her baby daughter’s life.

Fox 8 News Cleveland / YouTube

These two brave young men were also honored by the local police department they serve at.

Locals and other people who saw the post praised the officers:

One of the officers happened to be wearing a body cam, so you can watch the dramatic video of Tyra’s rescue:

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How to save a choking baby

First responders are trained in first aid for any age group, but they can’t always get to the scene fast enough, as choking can lead to death in a matter of minutes.

Parents of young children should take a first aid course just in case anything happens.

If a baby is choking, here’s what the Red Cross recommends doing:

1. Lay the baby on your thigh; his or her head should be lower than the bottom.

2. Give up to five back blows, hitting firmly between the shoulder blades.

3. If back blows didn’t clear the blockage, give up to five chest thrusts, pushing firmly in the middle of the baby’s chest (just below the nipples) with your two fingers.

4. If that didn’t help, continue with back blows and chest thrusts and have someone call emergency services in the meantime.

To see what this procedure looks like, you can watch this video:

Learning first aid can save the life of your baby or someone else’s baby one day!

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