Lara Spencer Revealed She Had To Undergo Hip Replacement At 47 To Help Others Who Need The Same Procedure

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August 2, 2018 15:46 By Fabiosa

Hip replacement sound like a procedure only older people need. But some people have to undergo hip replacement even before they hit age 50. One of them is Lara Spencer, a co-host of a popular ABC’s show Good Morning America.

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Lara Spencer has been quite active her whole life. She’s been running and playing tennis, and she was also a competitive diver when she studied at Penn State.

Now, imagine Lara’s surprise when she was told she would need to undergo a complete hip replacement at age 47 to deal with the chronic pain and prevent problems with her back and knee.

Spencer had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia, a condition in which a head of a femur doesn’t fit properly into the hip socket. She struggled with chronic pain for some time, and when the pain got really bad, she decided to go through with the surgery.

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Spencer underwent the procedure on August 13, 2016, and she was back on her feet the very same day.


Thank you to the nurses and doctors at Hospital for Special Surgery. Feelin groggy and grateful.

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At first, Spencer hesitated about going public with her condition and the procedure she would have to undergo to fix it. But when she realized her words could help others who are struggling with the same, she decided to open up about it on her show.

Hip dysplasia is a common condition, and people need to be more aware of it and of hip replacement, which is not as terrifying as it sounds. Spencer told People about hip dysplasia:

It’s genetic. Being athletic exacerbated it. But this isn’t an old person’s problem, it’s an active person’s problem.

Almost two years after her hip replacement surgery, Spencer is as active as she has always been. She hopes her revelation can help others with the same condition, and they won’t be afraid to go under the knife if it can relieve their pain and lead to a better life.

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