Dad Shared A Trick To Put A Baby To Sleep In Less Than 10 Seconds, And Many Parents Say It Works Like A Charm

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August 31, 2018 11:24 By Fabiosa

A very simple and fast trick to put your baby to sleep

Putting a baby to sleep isn’t always an easy task, but many parents have some tried-and-true methods that work. A YouTube user named David Nguyen shared his trick that works in seconds!

David Nguyen / YouTube

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The dad simply stroked his baby’s face and body, whispering “sleep, sleep,” and the baby closed his eyes and drifted off.

Some people who saw this video agreed that it works. Here are some of the comments:

I have done this with all three of my kids. It worked for all three. Sometimes it took as long as a minute, but always worked. With the youngest, I rub her earlobe and that works faster. LOL weird, but true.

Took me about 3 minutes but it worked.

cant believe this actually calmed my boy down. lol

My husband did this too, baby and toddler. not in few seconds but less than a minute.

However, this trick may not be so useful for others. Here’s what other parents wrote:

lol i did that for awhile with my new born now he thinks its funny

My baby laughs when I do this. It only works when the baby is fighting sleep and nodding off.

my baby thought we were playing a game

ok my baby just looked at me saying "mom you idiot" and then proceeds to crying... yeah this just did not do the trick for us but hey! whatever works right?

Anyway, it worked for this 'baby whisperer' dad and some other parents, so feel free to try it on your baby!

David Nguyen / YouTube

Other tips to help your baby fall asleep faster

According to WebMD, a baby’s sleep-wake cycle is very different from that of an adult. This means you’re the one who has to adjust and wait until your child’s sleep cycle starts to fit yours.

In the meantime, you can use the following:

  1. Follow a set bedtime routine every day.
  2. Reserve active games for daytime and calmer activities for the evening, when it’s time for your baby to wind down.
  3. Bathe your baby right before bedtime – it may help him/her calm down.
  4. If your baby is crying and reluctant to sleep, wait it out – it’s OK to let your baby cry as long as he or she isn’t in any physical discomfort.

Sokolova Maryna /

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How to make your baby’s sleep environment safe

Some babies are naturally calm and don’t cry all that much, while others may cry a lot and often without a reason. But there’s one thing every baby needs: a safe sleep environment.

Anna Grigorjeva /

Here’s how to make your baby’s sleep safe:

1. Babies should sleep only in their cribs or strollers (when on a walk). They shouldn’t sleep sitting up or lying on a sofa, an armchair, their parents’ bed, and other inappropriate places.

2. Babies should always sleep lying on their backs.

3. Babies should sleep on a firm mattress, without any objects (such as toys, pillows, or blankets) in the crib.

4. Babies should sleep in the same room with their parents, but only in their own crib.

5. It’s OK to give your baby a pacifier before nap time or bedtime.

Joana Lopes /

And here’s one more thing: if you want to try any tips or tricks you see on the internet to help your baby fall asleep faster, always check if they are safe before trying them!

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