What Can Rosemary Do For Your Health? 5 Amazing Little-Known Benefits Of This Herb, Including Hair Growth

Date July 18, 2018 15:20

Rosemary is an incredibly versatile herb. It’s mostly known as an ingredient used in cooking to add taste and aroma, but it also has a variety of health benefits. You can find rosemary in many forms, including tea, powdered extract, and essential oil.

But what exactly can rosemary do to improve your health? Below, we list some of this plant’s potential benefits.

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1. Rosemary may help stimulate hair growth.

There’s some anecdotal evidence that applying rosemary essential oil in combination with other essential oils may help improve hair growth, although scientific evidence to back it up is lacking. If you’re willing to try rosemary oil to stimulate hair growth, you have to dilute it with sweet almond oil or other carrier oil. Here’s how you can use this remedy:

  • add several drops of rosemary oil to the carrier oil (sweet almond oil or coconut oil) and massage your scalp using this mixture for several minutes;
  • wash your hair afterwards.

Remember: Applying undiluted essential oils can seriously damage your skin.

2. Rosemary can help improve brain health.

Studies suggest taking powdered rosemary leaves may help improve memory and slow down cognitive decline in older adults. If you want to try rosemary for this purpose, consult your doctor about the appropriate dosage, and whether rosemary is safe for you at all.

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3. Rosemary may help reduce stress and anxiety.

Rosemary aromatherapy may help ease stress and anxiety and improve your mood to some extent. You may use rosemary oil in combination with lavender oil, which has the same effect.

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4. Rosemary may help treat indigestion.

In Europe, rosemary is a popular natural remedy for upset stomach. Germany's Commission E even approved the herb for the treatment of indigestion.

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5. Rosemary may help support eye health.

A study found that carnosic acid, an active substance found in rosemary, can have a positive effect on eye health and even lower the risk of age-related deterioration of vision.

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