How Often Should People Shower? How To Figure It Out, And 6 Tips On How To Shower Right

Date August 21, 2018 16:14

How often should you shower?

Showering feels nice. It makes you clean, and it can also help you wake up in the morning and wash of a day’s tiredness in the evening. But here’s one important question: how often should you shower to keep yourself clean (and healthy)? It turns out, the answer is not as simple as it may seem.

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As a society, we feel compelled to shower daily. But, as most dermatologists would agree, we may not actually need to do it that often. The general advice is to shower every other day or once or twice weekly, but it depends on certain variables.

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Young children and older people need to shower less often, as they sweat less.

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Other factors include the weather and your activity level. If the weather is hot outside, you may want to shower every day. If you work out every day, taking daily showers is a no-brainer.

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Those who are struggling with body odor also benefit from daily showers.

In addition to that, it’s recommended for women to wash the intimate area and the area around the anus after every bowel movement.

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To sum up, most people need full-body showers every other day or twice a week, but showering daily won’t hurt you if you do it right.

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A few tips on how to shower

If you don’t shower right, you can easily harm your skin, and daily showers will do more harm than good. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Moderate water temperature is best, as hot water can dry out your skin, and cold water puts you at risk of hypothermia.

2. Keep your showers short – 10 minutes will do just fine to make you clean. Long showers strip away the protective layer of oil (sebum) from your skin.

3. Use a mild soap or cleanser and refrain from using antibacterial soaps.

4. There’s no need to use a loofah, but if you do use it, don’t scrub too hard.

5. Soap only the areas that really need it; these include the face, armpits, groin, and butt.

6. Always use a moisturizer after showering. Gently pat your skin to remove extra water and apply the product right away to lock in moisture.

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Use these tips to prevent your regular showers from harming your skin.

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