Mom Shared A Simple Yet Effective Trick To Get Babies To Take Their Medicines, And Other Moms Say It Works Like A Charm

Date January 11, 2019

It may be difficult to get your baby to do something he or she doesn’t particularly enjoy, such as taking medicines. The experience of trying to give a defiant baby some medicine he or she needs can be frustrating, so parents often have to come up with various tricks to make taking meds more palatable for their little ones.

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A trick to make your baby take his or her meds

One mother thought of an ingenious way of giving liquid medicine to a baby without the fuss and mess and decided to share it with other moms:

Helena's baby son, Alfie, wouldn’t take the medicine he needed to bring down his temperature, so his mom did this: she filled a syringe with the medicine and pushed it into the nipple of his bottle to make it more convenient for him. And, lo and behold, it worked!

Helena’s post has been shared more than 138,000 times, and hundreds of moms thanked the woman for this simple yet effective little trick. Here are some of the comments:

Other tips to make children take their medicines

There are other ways to trick your baby or older child into taking his or her medicines. Here are some tips on how to do it:

1. To prevent your child from tasting the medicine and spitting it out, squirt it into one side of his or her cheek using a syringe.

2. If your child needs to take a bad-tasting medicine, you can ask your pharmacist to add flavor to it.

3. Keep the medicine in the fridge to make its taste less intense. First, ask your pharmacist if it’s OK to refrigerate the medicine.

4. Try mixing the medicine with a small amount of milk or formula (after your pharmacist's approval).

5. For medicines in solid form, usually given to older children, you may crush the medicine and add it into foods. Before you do that, ask your pharmacist if it’s OK to crush the medicine and mix it with something.

6. If it’s a liquid medicine that can’t be mixed directly with fluids, have your child’s favorite drink (such as juice) at hand to help him or her get rid of the unpleasant taste.

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And here’s one more thing: if one trick didn’t work on your first attempt, it may work on the next one. Keep trying!

What tricks did you use with your children? Please, share your experience in the comments!

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