Dramatic Video Shows Spanish Policemen Saving A Pit Bull Left In The Car In Deadly Heat And Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Dog In The Vehicle

Date August 7, 2018

Brave Spanish policemen rescued a dog from a hot car

When we are in trouble, we know the police will come to the rescue. Sometimes, our four-legged companions also need their help, and they’ll rush in to save the day without any hesitations.

This video of Spanish civil guardsmen rescuing a pit bull from a hot car became a hit online.

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One of the rescuers had to break the window to get the poor dog out, and he hurt his arm in the process, but he didn’t care. The dog’s well-being was his top priority at the moment.

Guardia Civil / Facebook

The pit bull was obviously unwell. It was panting heavily, and his rescuers quickly gave him a bowl of water to cool down. It was reported that the dog was alright after the incident, but its owner was charged with animal abuse.

Guardia Civil / Facebook

Why you shouldn’t leave your dog in the car on a hot day

Of course, no sane person would leave their beloved pet in a car knowing it would get hot in a matter of minutes and the animal would suffer a heatstroke and possibly die. Unfortunately, many dog owners absent-mindedly leave their pets in cars, or they simply assume they’ll return fast enough and nothing bad will happen while they are away.

antoniodiaz /

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But, even when it’s not too hot outside, the temperature in a locked car can spike in a matter of minutes. A dog left in a hot car can suffer a heatstroke and die in just 15 minutes (it can be more or less, depending on the dog’s breed and its overall health).

Gorlov-KV /

If you need to go shopping on a hot day, the best option is to leave your dog home.

If you see a dog locked in a hot car, it’s important to act fast. First, check how the dog is doing. If it shows signs of heatstroke, such as panting, drooling excessively, lethargy, and poor coordination, it needs to get out of the car immediately.

Aleksandar Malivuk /

Once the dog is out of the car, get it to a shaded area or air-conditioned place, if possible. Give the dog some cool (but not cold) water and rub it with a cloth soaked in cool water if there’s one available. Have someone call animal control in the meantime.

The owner’s careless mistake can cost a dog its life. Keep your pets safe!

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