Mom Shared A Chilling Video Of Her 18-Month-Old Son Breaking His Leg On A Slide To Warn Other Parents

Date August 15, 2018

Playground time can be fun both for parents and their kids. But sometimes, a seemingly safe activity, such as going down the slide, may lead to serious injuries. One mom shared a video of her terrifying experience so other parents won’t make the same mistake.

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How an innocent ride down the slide ended in a trip to the ER

Shona was at a play center with her partner and 18-month-old son George. The family was going to leave, when the boy screamed he wanted to ride down the slide. As he was just 18 months old, the mom thought it would be safer if they went down the slide together.

George sat between his mother’s legs and they rode down. As they were going down, his little leg got caught between the slide and his mom’s leg, resulting in a fracture.

In the chilling video, you can hear the horrible sound of his bone snapping.

It wasn’t until the family got to the hospital that they realized George's injury was indeed a fracture.

Fortunately, George is doing fine now, and his bones knit well. Shona decided to share her story to warn other parents against going down slides with kids sitting on their laps.

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How common is this kind of injury and how to avoid it?

Many parents go down slides with toddles sitting on their laps and nothing happens to them. But a child’s leg can easily get stuck between the slide and the parent’s leg, leading to a fracture. Actually, such accidents happen often.

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), about 352,698 U.S. children younger than age 6 were injured on slides in the period from 2002 to 2015. Leg fractures accounted for 36% of these injuries.

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The AAP specifically warns parents against going down slides with young kids on their laps. If a child is too young to go down the slide on his or her own, it’s best to avoid slides until he or she is a little older.

If you know parents who ride down slides with their young kids, please warn them that it’s unsafe!

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