Mom Makes A Desperate Plea To Other Parents After Her 3-Year-Old Was Seriously Injured On A Trampoline

Date August 8, 2018

Why young kids shouldn’t be allowed on trampolines: Colton’s story

When Kaitlin Hill took her 3-year-old son Colton to an indoor trampoline park, all they wanted to do was to have some fun. The fun quickly turned to horror when little Colton fell when he was jumping.

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The boy’s fall resulted in a fractured thighbone. Kaitlin shared a heartbreaking warning post (which has since been deleted) about their ordeal on Facebook. The woman also appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America to get her message across to as many parents as possible.

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Kaitlin was shocked when Colton’s doctor told her one thing she now wishes she knew earlier. The doctor said that children under age 6 should never be allowed to jump on trampolines, as their bones are not strong enough to bear the repeated stress jumping creates.

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The boy had to wear a cast covering his whole lower body for six weeks. Fortunately, young bones knit fast, and Colton is doing fine now. His mom hopes their story will be a valuable lesson to other parents. She also calls for tighter regulations on trampoline parks, as the one they went to advertised to young children, despite the fact that it’s unsafe for them to use trampolines.

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Trampoline injuries are common, both at homes and at parks

While most trampoline injuries occur at home, the number of this kind of accidents happening at parks is rising, as trampoline parks are getting more and more popular. The American Academy of Pediatrics published an alarming statistics: injuries at trampoline parks accounted for 6,932 emergency room visits in 2014. The figure was much higher for incidents happening at home: they led to 91,750 emergency room visits per year from 2010 to 2014.

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Most of trampoline-related injuries were arm and leg fractures and sprains. But more serious injuries, such as cervical spine fractures, were also reported.

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What parents should know about trampoline safety

Here’s the most important thing we want to stress: children under age 6 shouldn’t be allowed to jump on trampolines.

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For trampoline use by older children (and adults, for that matter), the Mayo Clinic recommends the following:

  • all home trampolines should be fitted with net enclosures;
  • trampoline springs and frame should be covered with protective pads;
  • home trampolines should be placed at ground level and away from trees or other hazards;
  • only one person at a time should be allowed on a trampoline;
  • children shouldn’t be allowed to attempt flips or somersaults;
  • when your child is jumping on a trampoline, you should watch him or her at all times;
  • check the trampoline for signs of wear and tear before and after each use, and don’t use it if it’s damaged.

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Child safety should be the top priority for every parent. Stay safe!

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