Mom Warns Other Parents After A Seemingly Harmless Crib Set Up Almost Killed Her 18-Month-Old Son

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August 13, 2018 17:17 By Fabiosa

Mom urges other parents to think wisely where to put baby cribs

Alison Johnson put her 18-month-old son Caleb in his crib for a short nap, same way she always did. She left the room and soon heard her son cry. She came back to check if he’s OK, and the scene she saw was so horrifying she will never forget it.

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As Alison described in the Facebook post she later wrote as a warning to all parents, her son had climbed out and got stuck between his and his twin sister’s cribs.

He was barely able to hold himself up by his arms, and if he had let go, he would have just dangled there by his head.

As a responsible parent, Alison had childproofed her home. She had never though the position of her twins’ cribs could put one of her baby’s lives in danger. She came into the room just in time to save her son, and he’s doing fine now.

The mom wants her experience to be a lesson to other parents and urges them to carefully think through the position of their babies’ cribs.

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Where to put your baby’s crib, and other sleep safety tips

Is it possible to make your home 100% childproof? We tend to doubt it. Anyway, you can make a number of adjustments to lower the risk of accidents.

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Below, we list some sleep safety tips, recommended by Safe Kids Worldwide:

  • make sure the crib meets current safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC);
  • place the crib away from other furniture and windows, draperies, blinds, or wall-mounted decorative pieces with strings or cords;
  • put the crib in the same room you sleep in;
  • don’t hang anything attached to a string or cord above your baby’s crib;
  • don’t let your baby sleep in your bed, sofa, armchair, baby car seat, or anywhere else other than then the crib – it’s the only safe place for a baby to sleep in;
  • put your baby on his or her back for sleep – it’s the only safe sleeping position for a baby;
  • the baby’s crib should be completely bare to prevent suffocation – no pillows, toys, bumpers, or comforters;
  • babies shouldn’t sleep on soft surfaces; the mattress in the crib should be firm;
  • to keep your baby warm in his or her sleep during cold nights, don’t use comforters or blankets – use a sleepsack (wearable blanket) instead;
  • every parent should take a first aid course, just in case.

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Keep your children safe, folks!

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