God Bless Mother's Instinct: Simple Ear Infection Turned Out To Be Life-Threatening Disease

Date July 6, 2018

It seems that every mother has a special instinct, which is absolutely vital and needed to protect their child. Sometimes, doctors can make mistakes, and that’s when the instinct kicks in. This was exactly the case for Amber Ella, whose little son nearly died to what seemed to be a simple ear infection. The story happened in 2015 and got shared more than 1.6 million times!

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Things could've gone really badly

It was the mother’s instinct that saved her son’s life in a crucial moment. Amber took Marcus to their GP, as her boy had complained about troubles with his ears. After the exam, the pediatrician gave the mother antibiotics and told her not to worry, as it was just an ear infection. Later that night, she noticed swelling and redness behind her son’s ear. But when she called the doctor, he replied that it’s OK, and the medication just needs time to work.

God bless the mother’s instinct. The woman wasn’t sure about her doctor’s instructions and took Marcus to the hospital. There, the boy had a CT scan and got diagnosed with mastoiditis, which is an extremely dangerous infection that grows behind the ear and can go deeper into the head if not treated timely. Amber was absolutely happy with the life-saving decision:

If I would have waited my life could have been changed forever. But thankfully I went with my instincts and went to the hospital. Thank God for instincts.

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What are the symptoms of mastoiditis?

The mother warns other parents to look for the symptoms and signs in their children to prevent the most horrible thing. Mastoiditis causes several noticeable symptoms including:

  • fever, lethargy, and irritability;
  • swelling behind the ear and of the earlobe;
  • redness behind the ear;
  • tenderness behind the ear;
  • drainage from the ear;
  • drooping and bulging of the ear.

Mastoiditis can cause severe complications if not treated. These include facial paralysis; vertigo; hearing worsening or even loss; meningitis or brain abscess; blood clots in the brain; death. Luckily, the mother who decided not to waste any time made the right call. Marcus underwent a complicated and painful surgery. The boy fully recovered and lives happily – all thanks to his mother’s instinct!

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