Richard Harrison Lost His Battle With Parkinson's Disease. Why Is The Conditon So Terrible?

Date June 28, 2018

Another great person falls victim to Parkinson’s disease, a horrible degenerative condition that mostly affects the motor system. This time it’s Richard Harrison, “The Old Man” from Pawn Stars, who finished his battle with the devastating disorder. The American businessman and TV star died on June 25, 2018, surrounded by his loving family.


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How does Parkinson’s manifest itself?

Classic symptoms of the disorder include uncontrollable tremor or shaking, troubles with speech, and poor or worsened coordination. The symptoms, however, may vary in different patients. The other typical signs of Parkinson’s disease include slowed movement (bradykinesia), stiffness in limbs, and issues with balance.

The disorder, however, may also affect other body’s departments. The additional symptoms may include cognitive changes, mood and sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, vision problems, chronic constipation, etc.

Most people die with Parkinson’s disease but not from it. Sometimes, though, lethal accidents can happen. In later stages, a person with the disorder may experience problems with speech and swallowing. The latter one can lead to aspiration pneumonia, a condition that happens when liquids, foods, or other objects are being inhaled into the lungs. Moreover, people with Parkinson’s are at greater risk of falling, which also can be lethal.

The son also posted the dad’s retro photo from Navy days and wrote:

Today I lost a friend, a father, a teacher and so much more. The Old Man lost his long battle with Parkinson’s this morning. Love you Dad. See you on the other side.

Rick’s son Corey also paid tribute to the late grandfather saying:

I was lucky enough to spend 15 years of my life working with the old man. He wasn’t just a grandfather, he was truly a best friend as well. I’m truly blessed to have had him as a mentor. He will be missed everyday at this time we thank you for all of the kind words and we ask for privacy as we mourn his passing.

The family doesn’t specify the cause of Richard’s death. The Old Man finished his battle at the age of 77. He lived a full life and taught many people the right values, like loving family, hard work, and humor through his TV-show.

We thank Richard Harrison for his great soul and mourn together with his family.

                                                                                                                        Source: HealthLine, APDA, Express

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