Mom Is Furious After Her Boy's 'Cool' Shoes Gave Him Second-Degree Chemical Burns. Now, She Wants To Warn Others

Date July 6, 2018

People who share their experience in order to prevent similar horrible events from happening to anybody else are simply the best and deserve to be praised. Sherry Foster, the mother of nine-year-old Peyton, warns all parents how dangerous ‘cool’ new sneakers can be.

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A new pair of shoes, what can be better?

The parents gifted Peyton a new lighted pair of Skechers with which the boy had absolutely fallen in love. The mother tells that his new shoes got wet during the water festivities at Peyton’s school (celebration of the final day). Later that day, the boy began complaining about the burning sensation in his feet. The mother says:

I looked; they were red but I thought they were just cold. The next day, he came in from being outdoors saying his feet were really burning, I looked again and they were twice as red, blistered, and very painful.

Sherry immediately took her son to the ER, as Peyton couldn’t even walk because it was so painful. The boy had to be carried. After the exam, the family doctor sent the boy to the feet specialist. The latter noticed that the lights in his sneakers had stopped working, which in turn clarified the mysterious burn. It was a corrosive substance in the shoes that had given the boy second-degree chemical burns.

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Cosequences and the company's response

Although the boy had been in socks, it hadn’t prevented the horrible reaction. The worst thing is that the company didn’t provide any warning signs regarding the possible leak being harmful. The mother says they bought Skechers many times and never had any problems. However, it was a special model that caused the chemical burns:

His specific shoe, the Skech Rayz, had an on and off switch. If parents buy these, I recommend they do not get them wet or jump in puddles. I know kids love them because of the cool lights but be careful.

The company took the matter seriously and asked Ms. Foster to send the broken shoes to investigate and “determine whether the shoes contributed to her son’s injuries.” Skechers is not aware of any similar incidents, so they are giving this one the highest priority.

The mother says this incident has given her son a phobia of wearing shoes. We hope that Peyton will fully recover both physically and mentally. We also thank the mother, Ms. Foster, to share her story with others!

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