Worried Mom Warns Parents About Dangerous Marshmallows After Her Child Nearly Choked In Her Hands

Date July 26, 2018

Even if you don’t like camping, you still know that marshmallows are the old-school snack for this activity. Puffy, airy, and sweet – what could be better? Marshmallows also look just perfect in a hot cup of coffee, of course.

However, these little pillows of satisfaction may actually be deadly assassins in disguise, especially for infants. Niamh Reid swore to spread the word about the potential killers after her 17-month-old daughter, Doireann, had almost died in her hands because of choking on a marshmallow.

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Dangerous marshmallows

In last year’s October, the Reid family experienced an utterly horrifying accident and wanted to prevent this from happening to any other parents. Niamh Reid was picking her little daughter from her daycare center. However, the usual routine turned into the nightmare that came true.

Doireann was choking on a marshmallow that she had just been given as a treat. The mother says the girl was turning blue and eventually lost consciousness. Both parents were on the scene but couldn’t do a thing to help their daughter.

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The mother explains that a melting marshmallow seeps down the throat and blocks airways by expanding. It is basically impossible to dislodge the treat. You can also choke on a marshmallow while talking or laughing with one in your mouth, as it can easily be sucked down the airway. Niamh recalls the horrifying minutes:

It took what felt like an eternity for the emergency services to come and just before they did she let out a cough and an almighty cry, just like she did on the day she was born. I've never been so relieved, in that moment I really didn't know what would happen.

Thankfully, Doireann fully recovered after two days in the hospital. The worried mother now recommends every parent to simply throw away any marshmallow.

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Preventative measures

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), every five days, one child dies of choking. Statistically, the most deadly types of food are hot dogs (because of their size and shape), whole grapes, nuts, round candies, popcorn, marshmallows, chewing gum, etc. The list is exceptionally big. Other potentially deadly items are balloons and small toys, like Lego.

Even a few minutes without oxygen can lead to permanent brain damage. To prevent the extreme incidents, it is recommended to cut hot dogs, grapes, and other food so that it cannot block the airway. Also, teach your child to eat calmly and quietly and always keep an eye on them during the process. Talking, laughing, and walking significantly increase the risk of choking.

We thank Niamh Reid for sharing her story! We are glad Doireann is alive and healthy! Share this article with your friends to spread the word about the potential dangers.

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