Magic Sleeping Pill Or Child Abuse? Mother Sedates Her Children On Long Flights And Causes Huge Debate

Date July 30, 2018

As parents, we always face hundreds of issues with our children. We have to come up with new solutions every day, especially on some extreme occasions like a long flight. One creative mom found quite a debatable way to calm her children so that they cause no problems during the aerial trip. (Richard Semik) /

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Sedating you children on plane, is it OK?

Shona Sibary opens up on the British national TV that she sedates her children with the help of medications on flights. The mother of four explains that she administrates Phenegran, an antihistamine drug for children. She claims that some parents use this allergy treatment as a sedative for their rowdy kids. Moreover, she states that is was her children’s pediatrician who advised the mother to use this controversial solution.

This Morning / YouTube

However, the show’s guest, Dr. Ranj Singh, has the opposite opinion regarding the mother’s decision. Phenergan is used to help people coop with travel sickness and different allergies. Singh explains that Sibary basically relies on a side effect when sedating her children with this medication, which could be extremely risky.

Sibary works as a journalist and clearly knows how to defend her point of view:

I’m not doing it for selfish reasons, in fact, I’m doing it for the opposite, I’m doing it to help the passengers around me.

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People's ruthless reaction

And while some part of the audience cheered for the mother’s position, the other one obviously wasn’t agree. Many of them immediately commented on the matter and even equated Sibary’s actions to “child abuse.”

According to Dr. Daniel Frattarelli, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics committee on drugs, it is not recommended to sedate children, especially with antihistamine medications like Phenergan or Benadryl. Moreover, the unpredictable side effects could kick in while you are in the air. Isn’t it scary enough?

However, reportedly, many parents used the medication to help their children sleep during a long flight. The results were pretty common: they continued to administrate the doses until once it backfired. One father of the two confesses:

Our four-year-old was under the weather anyway, so we gave him some Benadryl to help him sleep through a couple flights. But instead of sleeping, he turned into the groggy, zombie toddler - somewhere between asleep and awake and completely miserable.

It is important to consult with your doctor before giving any medication to your child. Do you think it is OK to sedate your children? Or is it really an abuse of parental power?

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