She Spent More Than $20,000, Almost Died, But Is Still Determined To Transform Herself Into Barbie

Date July 31, 2018

Lots of people aren’t satisfied with their appearance, it’s true. Some of them go to the gym or use more makeup. And some are doing surgeries. But what if you want to change your whole body? Is it OK or is it a psychological disorder? Doctors believe it is the latter one. 21-year-old Amanda Ahola from Finland wouldn’t agree with this opinion.

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Do you want to look like Barbie?

The young woman has already spent more than $20,000 to transform her face and body. Amanda decided to continue even after nearly death experience after her first surgery. And all that to fulfill her biggest dream – to look like Barbie:

My number one ambition is looking plastic, as plastic as I can. Barbie is really close to perfection, and I want to get as close to perfection as I can. When people call me ‘fake’ or ‘Barbie,’ it makes me really happy.

Interestingly enough, the parents don’t support their daughter’s ambition, so Amanda has to work hard to afford the surgeries. Amanda does adult stuff on cam despite her boyfriend also not being positive about it. This doesn’t necessarily mean the parents and the daughter are in bad relationships. The mother, Nina Ahola, says the girl has always been extraordinary even in her childhood years. At the age of 4, she already wanted to wear high heels:

In my opinion, I wouldn’t want her to go too extreme, but she is an extreme kind of person. All or nothing. As parents we’ve been asking her to see a psychiatrist, to ask her, ‘Why do want you this?’ But it is her choice.

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Strange dream or mental disorder?

Amanda says her life has changed after the very first surgery, which could’ve killed her. She realized she needs to do everything she can to make her dream true because life can end at any second. And we would agree with her logic if her wish wasn’t a manifestation of a serious psychological condition called body dysmorphic disorder.

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When a person has body dysmorphic disorder, they are extremely obsessed with their appearance to the point of changing it drastically or avoiding other people because of the feeling of shame or embarrassment. Body dysmorphic disorder includes the following symptoms:

  1. Having an obsession over a defect in appearance that others consider as minor or can’t see at all.
  2. Having a fear of being mocked behind your back for a defect or flaw.
  3. Uncontrollable behavior aimed at constantly fixing, hiding, or monitoring a defect.
  4. Constantly comparing yourself with others in the appearance department.
  5. Having perfectionist qualities. “All or nothing.”
  6. Seeking frequent cosmetic procedures, including surgeries to transform a defect or flow.
  7. An obsession over your appearance causes issues in the other aspect of life.

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"Human Ken"

Amanda Ahola isn’t the first person and, unfortunately, isn’t the last one suffering from this mental disorder. Body dysmorphic disorder can affect both females and males. For instance, there is “Human Ken,” Justin Jedlica, who also transformed himself into a human doll version. Reportedly, the man had already spent more than $250,000 on his surgeries.

Body dysmorphic disorder doesn’t usually get better with time on its own. People suffering from the condition should receive professional psychiatric help.

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