Horrible Behavior Of An ER Doctor Caught On Camera Went Viral And Caused Huge Indignation

Date December 3, 2018

People argue and fight all the time, and that’s not a big deal. However, when it comes to hospitals and other health institutions, it is important to keep calm, as someone’s life can depend on it. Every doctor has to understand this, and most of them do. Except for Dr. Beth Keegstra whose outrageous recent behavior caused serious indignation.

Donald Bardwell / Facebook

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What happened?

Samuel Bardwell, a 20-year-old student, got admitted to El Camino Hospital, Los Gatos, California, after a severe panic attack had caused loss of consciousness. Samuel knew something was going to happen and asked his dad to take out his phone after he saw the doctor saying something to the security guard. And he was totally right. The dad, Donald Bardwell, caught everything on camera and posted the video online, which quickly gone viral.

In the video, we can hear how the father explains his son’s story to the doctor, while the doctor’s trying to forcefully make Samuel get up. She says:

I’m sorry, sir, you were the least sick of all the people who are here, who are dying. There, so you picked your head up. Now, don’t try to tell me you can’t move.

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The doctor's unacceptable behaviour

Samuel was complaining of having issues with breathing, saying that he cannot inhale, in particular, but Dr. Keegstra began mocking his problems with health. She laughed and replied:

He can’t inhale. WOW. He must be dead. Are you dead, sir?

Donald Bardwell / Facebook

She then pointed out that the patient had 100 percent oxygenation saturation and was breathing perfectly normally. After the father told the doctor Samuel had already been to the hospital and had received fluids and pain-relieving drugs, Dr. Keegstra accused the boy of being a drug addict who was just simulating for a dose. She also accused Samuel of changing the story all the time:

No, you have changed your story every f*****g time. Yeah, that's how pissed off you've gotten me, OK?

Can you imagine such treatment from the medical staff? This is unacceptable at so many levels. It is clear that Dr. Keegstra was extremely biased and made up her mind even before hearing the boy’s story. She has been suspended while the investigation is still ongoing.

The reaction of people was overwhelming:

What do you think of this whole situation? Should the doctor lose her license for this disturbing incident?

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