7 Not-So-Obvious Signs Of Possibly Life-Threatening Health Issues

Date May 14, 2018 13:35

Everything in our body is there for a reason, and all the changes that are happening mean something. You don’t need to have magic powers to know that fever is a symptom of a disease, usually infection. Also, pain can indicate all sorts of problems: from broken bones to inflammation inside our body. However, there are less obvious symptoms or signs that can mean some specific and dangerous conditions. We are here to talk about them.

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Not-so-obvious signs of health troubles

Every part of our body, every organ is connected to each other through blood vessels, nerves, and other things. Same applies to our skin. Hence, it can reasonably be considered as a window into the insides of our body. Let’s look at some unusual manifestations that can indicate a serious disease.

1. Redness under fingernails.

Dr. Gregory House’s favorite disease, lupus, is a quite rare and extremely dangerous condition. This autoimmune disease causes your immune system to attack your own body. Multiple studies show that redness under your nails or sometimes puffiness at the base can be a sign of lupus.

2. Sense of smell.

According to recent studies, a decline in sniff-ability can be one a sign of early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Apparently, changes that occur in the nose because of Alzheimer’s disease can be similar to those in the brain. If you notice a rapid decline in sense of smell and you are younger than 70 – make an appointment with your doctor.

3. Earlobe wrinkle.

Although there’s no apparent link between diagonal earlobe crease and greater risk of coronary heart disease, statistics don’t lie. If you found a noticeable diagonal wrinkle across your earlobe, it can indicate a blockage in the arteries.

4. Leg cramps.

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You probably don’t consider those cramps as a big of an issue. However, getting them frequently can indicate a serious deficiency of Vitamin D, B6, and E. Stretch before bed and eat more food rich in those vitamins.

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5. Decline in hearing.

Surprisingly, people with diabetes are more likely to have hearing issues compared to those without the disease. Blood vessels in your ears can be damaged by high blood-sugar levels associated with diabetes.

6. Losing and/or thinning hair in your eyebrows.

Your hair can thin out or even fall off due to issues with your thyroid. The thyroid gland is an extremely important organ that produces vital hormones, and its dysfunction can put a person in a life-threatening spot. If you noticed your eyebrows to fall off and thin out excessively, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor and run tests to make sure your thyroid is working well.

7. Skin color.

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The most common skin color change is jaundice (yellowish) and is a classic symptom of severe issues with your liver, such as hepatitis or cirrhosis. There is another case where the skin gets darker, especially in creases and old scars. This can be a sign of an adrenal gland problem, such as Addison’s disease.

Our body is truly a miracle, and there is yet so much to learn about it. Obviously, you cannot make a diagnosis for yourself basing on the signs if you are not a qualified specialist. Hence, in case you notice any of above, it is recommended to discuss your observations with your local doctor. Take care and stay healthy!

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This article is solely for informational purposes. Do not self-diagnose or self-medicate, and in all cases consult a certified healthcare professional before using any information presented in the article. The editorial board does not guarantee any results and does not bear any responsibility for any harm that may result from using the information provided in the article.