No More Sagging Skin: Possible Ways To Get Rid Of Turkey Neck

Date May 24, 2018 17:03

Many women face the so-called turkey neck, which is wrinkled, sagging skin under your chin that can occur because of the aging process. Such sagging skin on your neck is the result of the neck muscles getting weaker and the skin losing its ability to stay tight.

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Ways to get rid of turkey neck

If you are reading this, you’re probably wondering how to get rid of this unpleasant issue. Surely, turkey neck is a pretty unpleasant reminder of the fact that we are not getting any younger. However, you don’t necessarily have to tolerate this. There are some things you might want to do to treat your sagging skin.


Surprisingly, antiaging creams can actually be very useful in slowing down the process of aging. Studies show that creams containing N-acetyl glucosamine can firm and smooth your skin, thus they reduce the effect of sagging. Statistically, 94 percent of women who used this cream twice a day improved neck appearance. Next time you are looking for the cream – search for N-acetyl glucosamine. This chemical is present in many antiaging products.

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Moreover, creams that contain tretinin, vitamin C, glycolic have proven to do a great job reducing wrinkles that are not transformed into turkey neck.


Surgical treatment is by far the fastest and most expensive way of dealing with turkey neck. Not to mention that any surgery can be dangerous for your health.

1. Hyo neck lift

According to studies, one of the most promising ways of treating sagging skin on the neck is hyo neck lift. This procedure can tighten and smooth neck skin.

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2. MST operation

This procedure is one of the least invasive surgeries. This method rejuvenates your neck by using barbed threads as a skin tightener. Unfortunately, it can leave small scars on the skin.

3. Skin tightening laser

A non-invasive technique which uses a medical laser to heat and tighten your skin. Usually, repeated treatments over 4 to 6 months are needed for satisfying results. The big plus is that there’s no recovery time needed after the surgery.

4. Z-plasty

Anterior cervicoplasty, Z-plasty, is an invasive surgery which involves excision of the excess skin on your neck. Although the results are guaranteed, the procedure leaves a big scar.


There are many exercises you can do to help or even prevent the development of turkey neck. Most of them are aimed at strengthening your neck muscles.

Also, there is a good way of keeping your neck muscles strong, which you’re doing every day. However, due to the lack of awareness, you paid not enough of attention to the process. If you want to prevent turkey neck – chew more thoroughly and often. You can even do this as an exercise throughout the day and do not necessarily eat something.

Before beginning any exercises, it is recommended to consult with a doctor. Beware: Exercises may affect your nerves and spine. It is very dangerous to practice it on your own.

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