Self-Massage: Relieve Back Pain And Sciatica Using Just Two Simple Tennis Balls

Date November 20, 2018 14:13

As we are getting older, chances of getting body issues are increasing, and unfortunately, there’s no way back. The most common thing that occurs with time is muscle pain in the back and sciatica. This happens mostly due to a sedentary lifestyle. There are, however, some simple methods to relieve the pain naturally without any medications. The only thing you’ll need is a pair of tennis balls.

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Understanding the pain

Do you experience chronic back pain, or maybe shoulder pain, or maybe even neck pain? Most of us face these issues during our lifetime and don’t know how to deal with them. But the answer is so simple: exercises with two tennis balls for 10 minutes a day.

First of all, we need to understand why the pain comes around again and again. Mostly, it happens due to small injuries or unhealthy habits, like sitting hunched. Our bodies can adapt muscles to move or tighten incorrectly, causing imbalance. For instance, if you pull your left shoulder a little bit forward, you’ll notice your right shoulder going back. However, if you do this often enough, your body will learn to keep the left shoulder in that position, which causes tension and pain as a consequence.

What is myofascial release?

That’s where myofascial release comes to help you. Fascia is a thin connectivity tissue, which covers your muscles to protect their structure. Due to certain restrictions of these tissues, your muscles become tense and don’t get enough blood and lymph flows. Basically, what happens is that your myofascial system builds up and helps hold your muscles in the wrong way. Two simple tennis balls can help you relax your tightened muscles and balance out your body to prevent chronic abnormal spasms.

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The technique is super easy!

The technique is pretty simple: Let gravity do its work. Lie on the tennis balls (one or two, depending on your pain levels and tolerance), and with the help of gravity, your body will exert pressure on the painful area. The pressure breaks down restricted fascial tissues, which allows your muscles to relax and stretch. Deep breathing is extremely important during the therapy, as it helps eliminate pain, speeds up the process of relaxation, and improves blood flow.

You can also do this therapy with your hands. Grab the tennis balls and massage the painful area. It is important, however, to do things symmetrically. The main idea is to get your body muscles in balance. If you feel pain in the right side of your back, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to massage the left side. That is why it is better to use two tennis balls at once.

Advantages of using tennis balls

There are at least two major advantages of using tennis balls to relieve muscle pain. The first one is that you keep the process under control and can do the exercise whenever you like. The second advantage is that it is much cheaper than a regular massage session.

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Important note: Before starting the myofascial release therapy, it is recommended to consult your GP and find out more about your back or sciatica condition, as there might be some specific restrictions. Take care and stay healthy!

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