Mom Shares Photos Of Her Son's Severe Burn To Remind Every Parent How Dangerous Hot Drinks Are For Babies

Date July 6, 2018

Newborn babies are extremely fragile, so you basically have to keep an eye on them 24/7. Otherwise, even the smallest and simplest things can harm your baby, and you know it. However, you might not realize how quickly some horrible accidents can happen. Suzie Fogarty definitely learned this the hard way. Her 16-month-old son, Jake, received second and third-degree burns in a matter of seconds.

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Suzie Fogarty's story

It was just ordinary Sunday until Jake got severely burnt by a freshly made hot cup of tea. The mother says it was a regular takeaway paper cup with a plastic lid. She thought the cup was far enough from Jake, but the little boy decided to grab it and spilled the tea on himself. Suzie Fogarty shares the photos of what hot water does to the delicate baby skin:

This tea was on Jakes skin for just a few seconds and look at the damage it has done! Jake has had three weeks of treatment at the Broomfield Children’s Burns Unit on his face, neck & chest. He has been absolutely amazing and our little hero.

The mother posted her story as a reminder for everyone to keep hot drinks away from babies, out of their reach.

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Tips on how to treat burns and scalds

After the terrible accident, Suzie took things seriously and got to Facebook to warn every parent.


Публикация от Suzie (@suziefog)

Her post has been shared more than 4,500 times since February for a very good reason: The woman shares tips she got from her GP on what to do in such situation:

1. Don’t panic.

You have to react very quickly and take the right actions. Panic doesn’t help you in this. Keep yourself cool and act quickly!

2. Take off their clothes.

You have to remove all the clothes to prevent the burn spreading and getting deeper into the skin, thus causing much worse and maybe even permanent injuries.

3. Cold water.


Though it can be challenging, you have to keep the burn under cold running water for at the very least 10 minutes.

4. Don’t use outdoor water.

Basically, what you need to make sure of is that the water is not too cold, as it can worsen the burn and even send the baby into shock.

5. Cover the burn.

Remember to cover the burn with a plastic bag, for example. This will keep the skin clean and prevent any infections.

If the burn is serious, immediately call 911. Don’t hesitate, as any lost second can be crucial.

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