Family Lost Their Dog After An Ordinary Game Turned Into A Horrible Tragedy, And Now Warns Other Dog Owners

Date July 24, 2018

The goal of this story is not to scare you, but to warn you. Every dog owner should be aware of the possible dangers for their pet so as to protect them. Unfortunately, Jen Walsh couldn’t save his beloved dog, so he decided to share his story to help others:

This will never happen to us again, but I wish we had been warned of the possibility. It would have saved Hanz' life. He was the best dog EVER.

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What happened?

It happened in August of the last year. The family went for a trip to the beach and took their 2-year-old schnauzer with them. The dog was absolutely healthy, cheerful and energetic. But what was supposed to be a fun family event quickly turned into the darkest of days.

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In her post, Jen Walsh tells that her beloved dog was thrilled to play fetch. But an ordinary game basically killed Hanz, as he has drunk too much lake water while retrieving the stick. More than an hour later, Walsh saw the dog coming out of water shivering and not shaking off. Then, Hanz peed in someone’s bag, which wasn't typical for the dog. And later, he started to seem lethargic and cold. His tongue was hanging out, and the breathing was clearly uneven.

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Sadly, it was too late

The family decided to take Hanz to the vet, as their beloved pet wasn’t even able to walk. Unfortunately, the dog died on the way to the hospital. He stopped breathing, so Jen’s husband tried to perform CPR. Even the veterinarian couldn't revive Hanz.

All this happened because of the condition called hyponatremia, which is characterized by extremely low sodium levels. This condition occurs when the dog drinks too much water, which cannot be proceeded by the body. The cells in the body begin to swell, including those of the brain. According to Walsh, Hanz received fatal brain damage.

Hyponatremia is not a rare condition, as it can even occur in small children. It is recommended to seek medical help as soon as you notice any seizures, lethargy, difficulties with breathing, vomiting, uncontrollable urination, bloating, or drooling.

This information could’ve saved little Hanz. We hope that nobody has to go through such a horrible thing. Let’s share this warning with other dog owners.

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