2-Month-Old Went Flying Out During A Flip Over Car Accident. Her Mom Blames Shoulder Pads On Her Car Seat And Warns Others

Date July 17, 2018

The horrible story that happened to Hannah McKinney Pope and her 2-month-old daughter, Robin Pope, should be a reminder for every parent to make sure their child’s car seat is safe, and that it will provide protection in case of an accident.

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Hannah's story

The mother got in a terrible car crash, in which the vehicle flipped twice front to back. The force of the hit was so huge that little Robin flew out of her car seat, which seemed to be set up to standards. This happened due to two sheepskin belt covers, which were applied to the straps to make the girl feel more comfortable. Luckily, this story has a happy ending, since the girl is completely fine and healthy!

Hannah McKinney Pope warns every parent to consider taking off any car seat accessories, as they can pose a threat to the baby:

Please please please people DO NOT put things on a car seat that did not come that way from the manufacturer.

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Basic car seat safety rules

According to experts, there’s no way to foresee how any accessories will impact the car seat during an accident. Basically, there’s no standard crash test for such cases. Therefore, the manufacturers who say their product is tested and safe for babies cannot guarantee safety during an accident.

It is important to use a car seat exactly as the instruction says. Don’t bring any other devices or accessories, unless they come with the car seat and are intended to be combined. Otherwise, it can interfere with the car seat proper functioning.

According to the community-driven educational organization Car Seats for the Littles, any non-regulated products can significantly increase the risk of serious injury or death in case of a car crash.

The organization provides many helpful tips for parents on car seat safety. For example, instead of using infant support inserts, it is much safer to roll two blankets and put them alongside your baby. Or, as in Robin Pope's case, instead of using shoulder pads, you can pull the child’s shirt up between their neck and belts. You can read the full information by clicking here.

We thank Hannah McKinney Pope for sharing her story and warning everybody. We are happy to know that Robin is safe!

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