Can The Upcoming Lunar Eclipse Affect Your Health? What Ayurveda And Modern Medicine Say

Date July 20, 2018

According to EarthSky, we are about to see the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century. Well, not “we,” as it won’t be visible for the whole North America continent. However, if this lunar eclipse affects human health, we still might experience the influence of the upcoming event. So let’s sort things out. Do lunar eclipses affect humans? If so, in what way?

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The NASA's point of view

The Moon will "get painted with blood" on July 27th, and the show will last for almost two hours. According to the U.S. space agency, neither lunar nor solar eclipses affect humans. The organization explains any possible changes in a person’s state are due to psychological factors. Basically, if you believe that lunar eclipse will bring some negative effects, you might indeed experience the worsening of, for instance, your chronic diseases.

What does modern medicine say?

The modern medicine seems to agree with the “space boys.” Studies show no evidence of any harmful effects from lunar and solar eclipses. However, it has been proven that solar flares send electromagnetic waves into space and affect the Earth’s magnetospheres.

This, in turn, affects mostly children and meteosensitive people. Such explosions on the Sun can change a person’s mood, emotions, or even behavioral patterns. It can also worsen many psychological conditions like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc.

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Ayurveda's opinion differs greatly

Ayurvedic medicine, however, has a different opinion regarding the topic. It is believed that people should not go out during a lunar eclipse, especially pregnant women, as the exposure to the Moon's light at that time can lead to the development of either physical or mental abnormalities in the fetus.

According to Ayurveda, a person might not behave the way they want. Our past deeds become activated during eclipses, and that’s when karma kicks in. Some people believe that negative effects start around a week before the eclipse. Ayurveda recommends staying away from all the unusual things or events that may happen during this period, as well as don't make any important decisions, such as conceiving a child or changing your career.


It is up to you who to believe. If you tend to be hypochondriac, it is in your best interests to follow Ayurvedic tips to avoid any psychological effects. Take care and stay healthy!

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