Are You Drinking Water The Right Way? 5 Rules Of Hydration To Avoid Mistakes

Date July 20, 2018

With tons of information on the internet about your health, it really easy to get lost in misconceptions. Even a natural everyday thing like staying hydrated can become quite challenging and downright harmful for your health due to the misleading articles all over the web. Hydration is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and probably the easiest one to understand. We are here to give you just 5 simple rules that will prevent you from making any mistakes in the H2O department.

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5 rules of water

1. How much to drink?

First off, who said that drinking gallons of water is healthy? Overdrinking can lead to such unpleasant complications as water intoxication and potassium deficiency. Experts say that daily intake of water is individual and depends on just your body’s needs. What does that mean? You have to learn to listen to your body and let the thirst be your guide. Overall, the general daily recommendations are 8-11 cups of water for women and 12-15 cups for men.

2. Natural indicator

Apart from thirst, your pee color is another natural indicator of your hydration status. If it is yellowish with a light lemon shade, congratulations, you’ve reached your optimal water balance! However, if it becomes darker, that’s when you need a refill. On the other hand, if your urine becomes clear, don’t panic! You just might want to take a little break from sipping.

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3. Cold water vs. warm water

Ok, apparently, there aren’t many people who know that cold water is actually really bad for your digestion. It basically makes the bacteria that help you digest food in your gut inactive. Moreover, the high amount of water you drink during or before the meal can certainly increase that annoying feeling of bloating. It is definitely better to drink water at room temperature.

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4. Am I hungry already?

Did you know that we get around 20% of our daily dose of water from solid foods? Therefore, the next time you feel hungry soon after your main meal, try drinking a glass of water instead of some dessert. You can also add some natural sweeteners like honey, lemon, lime, etc. This will not only support your health but also help you with those extra pounds.

5. Chug! Chug! Chug!

The last but not least is chugging issues. According to studies, the human body isn’t designed to absorb a lot of water at a time. Rather than chugging two bottles of water at one minute, divide one huge water intake into three or four smaller ones. This applies to your morning routine. Yes, it is very beneficial to drink warm water right after you wake up. One glass is just enough to help activate your body.

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We hope these tips answered your questions and helped you understand your body a little bit better. Take care and stay healthy!

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