5 Not-So-Obvious Reasons To Give Up Diet Soda: From Depression To Alzheimer's Disease

Date July 13, 2018

One of the most ingenious moves in the history of marketing is actually that biggest scam ever. Isn’t it ironic? According to studies, diet soda harms your health in the same way, if not more, than the regular one.

How is it possible if it has the word diet in the name? Well, that’s easy to explain. The word diet means that the drink doesn’t contain sugar. But hey, have you ever wondered why diet soda is still as tasty as the regular one? It is because of the artificial sweeteners beverage manufacturers add to make you want to buy their product again and again.

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So how does diet soda affect your body?

1. Depression


Strangely enough, there’s an obvious link between drinking diet soda and developing depression. According to different studies, the chances of developing this mental condition are increased by 30% in people who regularly consume diet soda. Another noteworthy discovery is that people who drink coffee are 10% less susceptible to depression.

2. Kidney disease

According to Harvard researchers, a 20-year study showed that consuming more than 7 glasses of diet soda per week leads to kidney decay at a significantly greater rate. The most probable explanation of such a tendency is increased acid load on the kidneys.

3. Diabetes and heart disease

Another research showcased the link between artificial sweeteners and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. People who drink diet soda have around 21% higher chances of developing diabetes. Moreover, studies also report that these people also have 9% increased chance of high blood pressure.

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4. Alzheimer’s disease

If the previous possible risks are not enough for you to eliminate diet soda from your daily consumption, you should know that the artificially sweetened beverage can lead to Alzheimer’s. According to Dr. Mercola’s report, aspartame – one of the sweeteners used in diet sodas – can cause brain damage. This chemical was the exact cause of headaches and migraines in many people.

5. Tooth decay

According to the journal General Dentistry, one study compared mouths of cocaine-addicts, methamphetamine-addicts, and diet soda drinkers and found out that there was no significant difference. The level of tooth erosion was practically the same due to citric acid, which increases acidic Ph level in the mouth, thus destroying tooth enamel.

There are many more studies related to the dangers of drinking diet soda. Some suggest that this unhealthy habit can lead to osteoporosis (decrease in bone density), unhealthy alterations in the gut flora, and even weight gain, contrary to manufacturers’ advertisements.

We believe there’s more than enough evidence to confirm that diet soda is a no-no drink that creates almost no difference to regular soda. We strongly recommend you quit this unhealthy habit. Diet soda is definitely not the best way to freshen up our day!

                                                                                                                   Source: DavidWolfe, HealthLine, Health

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