Cancer Is Sneaky: 7 Unexpected Places People Often Ignore When Checking For Skin Cancer

Date June 18, 2018

Skin cancer is extremely dangerous for mainly one reason: It is often found when it is already too late. Many types of skin cancer are very aggressive and can spread to other parts of the body, making it impossible for doctors to treat and leaving the patient without any chances for survival. Skin cancer can occur very fast, so it is recommended to monitor your skin every month.

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Sneaky areas to examine

Sun exposure is believed to be the main cause of skin cancer. However, it can appear in areas that are typically hidden from the burning giant. It is important to regularly check those areas to keep things under control.

1. Genitals

Skin-colored bump (sometimes reddish) that won’t go away is the typical sign of squamous carcinoma. Basically, all three most common types of melanoma can occur on your “down there” area. It happens rarely, yet it does.

2. Feet

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Did you know that Bob Marley (yes, Bob Marley the greatest reggae singer) died of melanoma that metastasized to his brain? It started as a sore-like wound that just wouldn’t heal.

3. Nails /

Unfortunately, cancer can develop even under your nails. It starts as a dark vertical stripe (can be reddish) on the nail bed. This type of melanoma is one of the most aggressive ones, quickly spreading to the lymph nodes and other organs.

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4. Mouth

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Oral melanoma is extremely rare (less than 1 percent of all skin cancer cases). It starts as a small dark spot in the mouth, which can easily be unnoticed before it grows to substantial sizes.

5. Behind the ears and on the scalp

We rarely apply sunscreen to these parts of our body, yet they are exposed to the sun even through the hair, making them very susceptible to sunburns. It is a good idea to ask your hairdresser to quickly check for any skin lesions or spots next time you go for a new haircut.

6. Eyes

Well, you can’t put sunscreen into your eyes (and you shouldn’t try), but that doesn’t make them less vulnerable to the sun damage. More than 2,500 people develop ocular melanoma each year. Therefore, the advice is to wear UV-blocking sunglasses to keep your eyes safe.

7. Under the breasts

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If you regularly examine your breasts for the signs of breast cancer, it is a good idea to monitor any skin changes under your bosoms. Using a hand-held mirror may help you to find new moles, pimples or scaly bumps.

Remember the main rule: The earlier you cancer is discovered, the better chances for survival are. Early treatment is key. Take care and stay healthy!

                                                                                                  Source: HealthCentral, TotalBeauty, Reader'sDigest

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