Blood Clot In Your Arm: 5 Alarming Signs Of Having The Dangerous Condition And When To Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Imagine a highway full of cars, which are not moving any further due to the accident down the road. A few cars are blocking the way for everyone. That is exactly what can happen in your blood vessels due to a blood clot. Depending on the location, the blockage caused by the clot prevents different parts of your body from receiving the oxygenated blood.

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Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a condition when you get a blood clot in the deep veins of your body. According to different reviews and studies, approximately 10 percent of DVT cases are DVT of the upper extremities, meaning the arms.

What are the symptoms?

Often, a blood clot in the arm causes no symptoms at the beginning. However, they may occur gradually later on. You might have a blood clot in your arm and require immediate medical attention if you experience one or multiple of these:

1. Swelling in one arm

Swelling may occur without any apparent reason like injury or allergy. If this happens, you might have a blood clot blocking the normal blood flow in your arm.

2. Cramping-type pain

If the blood flow is blocked, the blood will still try to find its way through the veins and may damage surrounding tissues. It might also create pressure on the nerves, which can cause pain. Moreover, some parts of the arms can become really tender.

3. Change in the skin color and temperature /

Often, the skin of your arm turns red or even blue due to the blood clot blocking the vein. Depending on the size and location, the temperature of your arm might either significantly decrease or increase.

4. Mild fever

Fever can indicate inflammation of blood vessels and necessarily a blood clot. But if the clot is there, it can form a blockage and lead to an infection. The temperature will not normalize until the issue is solved.

5. Numbness and tingling in the limb

Numbness, tingling sensation, or a feeling of weakness can occur due to the inadequate blood supply of muscle and nerves in your arm. Also, it can create the pressure within the arm, which can also impede nerve and muscle activity.

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What are the risk factors?

Typically, if you are younger than 40, active, keep a healthy diet and don’t have a history of blood clots in the family, there’s nothing to worry about. However, there are moderate risk factors and high-risk factors:

Moderate risk factors:

  • older than 65;
  • long trips by car, train, plane, or bus;
  • cancer/chemotherapy;
  • bone fracture;
  • birth control medications;
  • pregnancy;
  • heart disease;
  • excessive weight;
  • hereditary blood clotting disorder.

High risk factors:

  • major surgeries;
  • knee or hip replacement;
  • severe trauma (car accident, fall, etc.);
  • leg paralysis;
  • hospital stay.

A blood clot that formed in your arm may affect different parts of your body not only the arm. It can travel through your cardiovascular system and get stuck in your lungs, heart, brain, etc. This can become lethal in a very short term. Therefore, it is extremely important to minimize the risk of the formation of blood clots and seek immediate medical attention if any of the symptoms are discovered.

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