Holding In Your Poop: Is It Safe Or Can It Cause Serious Damage To Your Health?

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June 7, 2018 17:28 By Fabiosa

For many of us, this is indeed a quite delicate topic. However, it is extremely important, as we are aiming for a better understanding of our body and how it works. The truth is we all poop, and the process of defecation is vital for our health. We can hold our poop in for many different reasons: social standards, misconceptions, fear of shame, or simple “inconvenience.” But is it really bad not to answer the call of nature in time?

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What are the possible complications?

Delaying defecation can result in very serious consequences, experts warn. It cannot cause any harm if you do it from time to time, though. However, if you have a habit to stifle the urge, the most common consequence is frequent constipation. Besides the obvious discomfort, it can lead to a whole range of health issues, including death.

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Another issue that can appear is a functional disorder called irritable bowel syndrome. People with this issue can experience chronic symptoms, including diarrhea, constipation, bloating, abdominal pain, excessive intestinal gas. According to statistics, almost 15 percent of the population is affected by the disorder.

According to Kyle D. Staller, MD, people who repeatedly put off the visit to the toilet are risking to develop dysfunction in the muscle responsible for pooping. Moreover, the longer feces sit in your bowel, the harder it will become to let it all out, which can cause bleeding or even hemorrhoids.

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3 important tips

Giulia Enders, a German scientist and writer, suggests in her book Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ (2015) a few helpful tips and explains how our gastrointestinal tract works:

1. Gut bacteria are extremely underestimated. They clean your gut every day, produce vitamins, help your digestion, stimulate the production of serotonin, and boost your immune system. Eat healthy food to treat your friends well.

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2. Any tummy aches or issues aren’t normal. It is important to acknowledge this fact and solve your problems, as they are directly related to your quality of life and well-being.

3. Don’t be ashamed to poop, as we all do it. Answer the nature’s calls. It is also recommended not to strain during the process, as you can decrease the risk of developing haemorrhoids or diverticulitis this way. "The rocking squat" is the best position to do so.

To sum things up, it is OK to hold your poop in if you really need to wait, but in general, it is recommended to empty your bowel when you feel the urge to prevent any potential complications, which are unfortunately not that rare.

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