Mom Urges Parents To Check The Cords On Broad-Brimmed Hats After Her Daughter Nearly Died In A Freak Accident

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July 11, 2018 18:50 By Fabiosa

We send our children to the school and believe they are safe there. However, deep down we know that accidents can happen. What we also know, is that the preventable ones shouldn’t ever happen! We have to learn from our mistakes and experience. A mother from Toowoomba shares a story that could’ve ended very tragically and hopes to warn everyone and prevent similar accidents from happening.

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The accident that could've ended really badly

The story happened last year. The mother’s little daughter, 5, has just gone to school and was playing with her friends on the playground. She jumped from the climbing net, and her broad-brimmed hat got stuck between the nets. The girl was hanging with the cord wrapped around her fragile neck for a few seconds before the cord finally snapped.

Things could’ve gone really badly. At this age, the child’s neck is still too weak and might not be able to withstand such abrupt impact. The girl received severe rope burn that looked like her neck was slit. The mother recalls the incident with horror in her heart:

We look at children's safety so much these days and for this hat to still be available isn't acceptable. It is a death waiting to happen. To pick your child up from school and know she has almost hung herself is horrible and she is traumatized by it.

The very same story happened to Gail Osster's daughter. The poor thing was wearing a school hat with a special safety release clip, but it didn't open under pressure!

People are sharing their experience:

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Tips on hat safety

The most important thing is that the hat is actually a compulsory school uniform, so any parent would assume it is safe. Don’t fall into this trap. The Department of Education of South Australia State warns everyone about the risk to children of being entangled and offers a few tips on how to provide safety to your child:

  • inspect a school hat and remove any cords;
  • review the design of clothing and make sure there aren’t any chin straps, drawstrings, and toggles;
  • do not allow your child to wear any hats that don’t meet the safety recommendations;
  • make sure your child is supervised appropriately at school;
  • make sure that playground is safe for your child (doesn’t have any sharp edges and is free from pinch points).

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Let’s raise awareness about the dangers for our children and prevent any accidents that can be prevented!

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